Section A: I Am = Us for Them There

Guiding Principles of the Distributed Church

A church that centers on God and forms around others rather than insisting that “our church” is the center of the universe. This is a “Copernican Revolution” of the church.

Intentional distribution of the church with a goal of ultimate connection though the kind of relationship that reflects God’s image.

A network of churches sharing resources with one another, linking differences and bridging distances for the benefit of all.

A way for the church at large to benefit from our differences, being perfected by those enough like us to be intimate yet different enough to be necessary.

A comprehensive model in which spiritual maturity will continue to develop through generations of relationships.

Congregation members who spend much of their Christian lives connected to those who are outside the local congregation.

Putting the resources of the church as close to people as possible, offering meeting points and access to resources, in order to assist Christians in empowering others.

Connecting to outsiders ("them") and serving them where they are ("there"), rather than getting them to join us.

Arranging the church around the relationships of the congregation and partner ministries, rather than mainly in and around a physical church building.

Connecting with neighboring (non-Northland) Christians for support and encouragement to better serve their communities.

Reorienting ministry efforts from inside to outside, from solitary to partnered, to an arrangement that constantly reminds us of God.