Section A: I Am = Us for Them There

Distributed Church Definition

A distributed church is a group of people who are choosing to focus their lives on Jesus in such a way that their very existence, activities, and conversations proclaim the good news of God. Connected to a network of churches and committed to one another, a distributed church is a spiritual family whose identity and arrangement is centered on who God is, what He has done, and what He calls the church to be and do in this world.

Said shorter, a distributed church is a group of people who are focusing their lives on Jesus, seeking to more intentionally relate to one another in Life-giving ways (community), help one another become established in the teaching and character of Jesus (discipleship), and together live out the mission of Jesus (service and evangelism).

What is the typical size? It varies: 10-15; 20-50; 70; even 2-3 can be an emerging church.

Model: Extended Family

Catalytic Event: Family Meal (The Lord’s Supper)

Distinctive Attribute: Love …of God …of One Another …of Neighbor

One thing you see from this definition is that living as the church is not limited to gathering in particular types of buildings for a particular kind of experience. It also isn't about adding a bunch of different events to our lives. It is about being a particular kind of people intentionally linking together around a particular way of life. In fact, the early followers of Jesus were said to follow "The Way."

Living as the church is about being a people, centered on Jesus as the head and cornerstone, maturing together as a living, breathing proclamation of the gospel, to serve and include those not yet included, in our neighborhoods, and cities, and nations. (Exodus 6:7; Jeremiah 30:22; Leviticus 26:12; Matthew 5:14-16; Luke 10:2; Colossians 1:15-20; Ephesians 2:11-22; 1 Peter 2:1-9; Revelation 21)

God's plan to bring His kingdom to earth has not changed and the heart of that plan is communities of disciples, transformed by Jesus, serving others.